Need an upgrade on your security system?

Whether your security priorities have changed or you’ve got an old alarm system in your home or business, Chubb Security has a solution that can help you to keep enjoying peace of mind in your home. Call us to schedule a visit to evaluate and service your existing system ensuring it remains in optimum working order and meets your current risk level.

Our service technicians can also advise you on a suitable alternative, should your alarm panel need to be replaced. Chubb has a range of alarm panels that have been rigorously tested and can be monitored by our Grade A1 Security Monitoring Centre. Best of all, in some cases you won't have to replace the detectors and sirens.

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Upgrade your local alarm - a siren sounding may not be enough

Research shows that neighbours no longer pay attention to the sounding of an alarm. Many older style alarm panels have sounders that do not stop automatically or cannot communicate with a security monitoring centre, and may not meet Local Council Bylaw requirements for noise.

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Recently cancelled or thinking about cancelling your home phone line?

A survey in 2012 by Canstar Blue found that a third of Generation Y in New Zealand have abandoned landlines; 14 per cent of Generation X and 8 per cent of Baby Boomers. Both Telecom and Vodafone expect that landlines, or fixed lines, will continue to exist in New Zealand for the next decade.

Chubb Security can provide and install a GPRS (cellular) unit that eliminates the need for your phone line and allows you the freedom to choose the ultra fast broadband provider of your choice, allowing you to continue to enjoy the benefits of back to base security alarm monitoring without worrying about costly changes if you change internet service providers. The unit can be easily integrated with most existing alarm systems to send signals over the GPRS network to the Chubb Security alarm monitoring station.

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