Ultra Fast Broadband Rollout

With the Ultra Fast Broadband rollout already underway and projected to be in 75% of New Zealand households by 2019, it is vital to have a suitable alarm system installed in your home.

The rollout of the Ultra Fast Broadband network will involve new technologies and many existing monitored alarm systems may not be compatible with these at all times. 

It is important to contact Chubb before moving to the Ultra Fast Broadband network, to ensure your important monitoring service can continure to be provided without disruption.  We will provide advice as to whether your existing monitored alarm system can be directly connected to the Ultra Fast Broadband network, the limitations of doing this and recommend the best solution available to suit your individual needs.  Contact Chubb to discuss how we can assist with upgrading your alarm monitoring service to work alongside fibre. 

Contact Us online or call 0800 20 30 40, option 2 then option 1.