The components of your security system

Control Panel

The control panel is the central hub of security systems which gathers information from the other components such as your key pad, detectors, remotes and sirens. It also sends the signal to the monitoring centre (if monitoring is connected).

Key Pad

The key pad is the ‘on and off’ activation point which also allows you to personalise and program the different functions of your system.


Sirens should be installed inside and outside of your home or business. The flashing strobe light will notify you and surrounding properties in the event of an alarm activation. The shrill, piercing noise of the internal sirens is designed to encourage intruders to immediately leave your property.

Passive Infra Red (PIR) Motion Sensors

Passive infrared detectors are installed in entry areas and ‘at risk’ spaces to capture an intruder’s body heat and movement which activates the security alarm system. For residential applications where you have domestic animals, our pet immune sensors are a great option.  While we prefer to hardwire PIR motion sensors, having wireless alarm system sensors is also an available option. Read about wired vs wireless security alarm systems »

Reed Switch

Feeling safe and secure whilst in your premises is of paramount importance. Utilising the “stay” function, door or window contact switches mean you are free to move within your premises whilst your perimeter is secure from intrusion. They also form part of your total security system, protecting your property when you are away.

Smoke Detector

Audible photoelectric smoke detector is hardwired directly to your security system, so it’s fire protection that’s “always on”.

Remote Control

The remote control gives you full visibility and management of your alarm system at your fingertips. It provides you with a panic button function, garage door control and full set and unset features.


Stickers and warning signs are vital to inform potential intruders that your home or business is equipped with an alarm

† Image Disclaimer - Images shown are examples of products only and may not be the actual product that is supplied to you. You must carefully read the product description & specifications provided to you in your security quotation to verify that this is the correct product. Chubb Security does not take responsibility for an incorrect purchase as the result of not verifying the information on the model or, product description.