Wired vs Wireless Security Alarm Systems. Which is better?

We are often asked, "Which is better? A wired or wireless security alarm system?"

Whether you want a security system for your home or business, the answer is easy - a wired security system is definitely better.

Wired and Hybrid Security Alarm Systems

A wired system is more reliable. They offer a lower long term cost because the components don't have batteries that need to be replaced, and the signals between system components are clear and powerful because there is no signal interference from the house construction.

When building a new house, choosing a wired security alarm system is definitely recommended, as the wiring can be easily completed while the house is being built.

When retrofitting an alarm system into a house, a wired system is still recommended, due to the reliability and performance it offers. However in practice, sometimes it is not practical to retrofit a wired sensor to a particular point in the house. In this situation a wireless component can be best.

That's why at Chubb our systems include hybrid security systems which features both hardwired and wireless components. This gives greater flexibility when installing a security system, while still enabling us to hardwire as many components as practicable.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Some companies offer only wireless alarm systems. While this can make the installation of the alarm system easier, we don't believe that making decisions based on what is "easiest" is the best way to approach security system decisions. A security system needs to be relied upon and convenient in the long term, not just the short term. Choosing a completely wireless system can end up costing more in the long run, as each wireless component has batteries that need to be replaced.

That's why we believe using a hybrid system is the most effective approach. It gives the flexibility of being able to use wireless components when the situation requires it, while having the core of the system hardwired.

A Tidy Finish

One challenge with wired installations is achieving a tidy finish that has no sign of being wired. Our Chubb technicians are very skilled at installing security systems, and are familiar with a wide variety of construction techniques. We employ good tradesmen and our company places a high value on the finished product looking perfect. So even when retrofitting a security alarm system to in your home or business, we hardwire as many components as we can, and the finish looks very tidy.

Our technicians can use wireless components when needed, at no additional cost to you. When they examine your home or business prior to the installation, they will choose what the best technology will be for your specific situation.

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