Looking for a Fireproof Safe, Home Safes or Commercial Safes?

The name Chubb has been synonymous with quality safes and security products since 1818. Our extensive range of Chubb safes for home or commercial use, including fireproof safes, are quality rated to do the job. Keeping your cash and valuables safe from harm is our number one priority.  

Chubb offers a complete range of commercial safes and home safes for domestic applications, specialising in security safes and fire resistant cabinets to suit the requirements of both residential and small retail businesses all the way through to major banking institutions.

Choosing A Safe

It is important to understand what the safe is needed for as this will determine the type, grade and size of safe.  With the range of Chubb safes for your home or business, you choose the level of security which best suits your requirements and budget, from basic protection to combined fire and burglary resistance.

Whether you require a certain cash rating, fire resistance, or have specific weight and dimension requirements, Chubb can provide the right safe for you.  It is also important to incorporate your future requirements in the purchase of a Chubb safe as this will save you time and money in the long run.

Call us today on 0800 20 30 40 to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists, who can go through our extensive range of Chubb safes with you.

Two safe options, from our extensive range

Here are two Chubb safes from our large range, for your home or business.

Home Safe Solution »

Commercial Safe Solution »

We have many other safes available. 

Contact us to book an appointment with one of our safe experts to view our extensive range - 0800 20 30 40.

Looking for Locks and Deadbolts?

If you are looking for a Lock Solution for your home or business, you can check out our special deadbolt offer by clicking below.

Chubb secure locks

Chubb Lock Solution »

Or contact us to book an appointment with one of our lock experts to customise a plan for your property - 0800 20 30 40.