Like your car, your security system requires regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance of alarm systems ensures that your system is always working at its best. Opting for on-going Preventative Maintenance will ensure that your system gets that regular check-up.

Chubb can provide you with an annual preventative maintenance inspection, to ensure your system remains in optimal working order.

The maintenance check includes:

  • Testing of the control panel for communications to the monitoring centre, sirens, tampers and strobe lights
  • Inspecting and testing the operation of all detection devices
  • Checking the power supply
  • Verifying that no compromise to devices has occurred (compromise of devices could be from building alterations, partitions, furniture or other obstacles)
  • Testing the batteries on remotes and wireless sensors
  • Inspection of all visible wiring and conduits

You can sign-up for an on-going yearly preventative maintenance plan from only $10.35 per month*.

Or, if you just want a one-off service, contact the Chubb Customer Care Centre on 0800 800 535 or simply book your service call online.

*Price quoted is for an annual preventative maintenance service (1 service per year) and includes GST. Price quoted does not include any additional parts and equipment that may be required upon inspection of your system. Total contract for Yearly preventative maintenance plan is from $10.35 per month ($124.20 per year) including GST.