How a Chubb Burglar Alarm Protects You

Oct 28 2021 2:26 PM

A well designed, installed and maintained burglar alarm system from Chubb can deter and detect unauthorised entry at your property. If an intrusion is detected, our certified Grade A1 alarm monitoring centre operators will action a response plan to manage the incident.

ChubbWatch Premium Residential Security System

Burglar alarm systems are designed to protect the physical assets within your property and to provide a safer environment for occupants. Alarm systems are a proven deterrent to crime and vandalism and enable an appropriate response to be coordinated by the Chubb monitoring centre.

Here’s how it works

Control equipment

The main control panel is selected based on the number of detection devices, alarm system users, individual areas requiring protection and future expansion and feature requirements.


Chubb offers external warning devices that provide an audible and visual deterrent to would be criminals. They sound in accordance with noise standards and customer specific standards.

Door and window opening detection

If a protected door or window is opened when the burglar alarm system is armed, the sensor will indicate an intrusion on the alarm panel.

Door and window contacts are available to suit all applications and environments.

Smoke and heat detection

In addition to conventional intruder detection devices, security alarm systems are a cost-effective way to alert you to the presence of smoke. These devices support smoke and heat detection and are designed to provide end users with early warning of potential threat of fire.

If activated by an environmental change such as smoke or change in temperature the system, if remotely monitored, is able to generate an alarm signal to the monitoring centre which in turn can initiate a response by a designated person or relevant emergency service.

Back-to-Base Alarm Monitoring Process

Smoke detectors monitored through a burglar alarm panel should not be relied on for the purpose of meeting any obligation under the New Zealand Building Act.

Open space detection

Protecting your premises in this way allows you protect large and often awkward areas from attempted intrusion subsequently reducing the risk to people or valuable assets.

Movement detection is used to cover areas such as rooms or hallways internal to the perimeter of the building by detecting a moving object or heat source.

Often referred to as movement detectors, these are an integral component in any burglar alarm system. Movement detectors normally utilise either passive infrared (PIR) or microwave technologies, or a combination of both, to deliver a solution with improved false alarm immunity.

Duress and hold-up devices

In addition to conventional intruder detection intruder alarm panels are also able to support life safety devices, which are designed to provide assistance when faced with a potential threat to safety such as panic and hold up alarms (commercial).

If deliberately activated by a person under threat, the system, if remotely monitored, is able to generate an alarm signal to the monitoring centre which in turn can initiate a response by a designated person or relevant emergency service.

Glass break and vibration detection

Glass break and vibration detectors are a valuable addition to any burglar alarm system when increased levels of perimeter protection are paramount to ensure early detection of an attempted break-in.

Vibration detection solutions vary according to risk and the type of perimeter building structure you are trying to protect, from walls to ceiling or doors & window frames and external fencing. These technologies can also be used to protect higher security risks such as safes, vaults and ATMs.

Detectors are available as single small format devices which can be grouped together to protect an entire wall or alternatively a specialist seismic detection cable that is fitted directly along the entire length of the wall or ceiling.

3G/4G Communication devices

Chubb support an number of 3G and 4G wireless alarm communication products and can assist you to tailor a monitoring solution to suit your needs.

Supporting services for your security system

Installing a burglar alarm is the first step in mitigating security risks. Chubb offers a range of support and maintenance services to ensure your burglar alarm is monitored and continues to operate effectively. As you would expect, Chubb is accredited to the highest security industry standards and can provide you with the latest information about security policy and standards.

Chubb service and maintenance

We strive to deliver on time service for every customer every time. We have invested in leading field service technology to make it easy for customers to do business with us. As one of New Zealand’s best-known fire and security companies, Chubb takes protecting your assets, staff, visitors and customers as seriously as you do.

Having regular service and a preventative maintenance program in place for your security equipment is essential for ensuring your burglar alarm works when you need it most – in an emergency.

  • Experienced and licenced technicians
  • A range of service plans
  • Professional advice
  • Wide geographic service coverage

There are many benefits to having a service plan

Peace of mind and minimal disruptions to your business operations

Are you confident that your alarm will work when you need it the most? Regular scheduled service and maintenance on your security system will provide peace of mind.

Minimise the running costs over the life of your alarm

A preventative maintenance plan will minimise the long-term running costs of your alarm by identifying problems in their early stages. This can effectively reduce the number of ad-hoc service calls, saving valuable time and money.

Keep your alarm in optimum running order

Over time the performance of your security equipment can change due to a range of factors including environmental conditions, general wear, vandalism, building alterations and operational changes within your organisation. Regular preventative maintenance can help diagnose possible shortcomings and highlight the risks before it’s too late.

Reduction of non-genuine alarms

Unnecessary and unwanted alarms can be costly and cause inconvenience. Chubb’s Service plans are designed to help identify possible causes of unnecessary/unwanted alarms and take the necessary actions where required.

Insurance requirements

Many insurance companies today require an approved (NZ Standards 2201.1) back to base intruder alarm to be installed in your premises as a condition of the policy. Chubb will issue on request a declaration of maintenance that can be used for insurance purposes as proof of a regular maintenance program.

Effective alarm response

An up-to-date alarm zone list is essential to enable the Monitoring Centre to effectively communicate and accurately action your predetermined alarm response plan. If your zone list is out of date the alarm response may not be effective. Regular preventative maintenance inspections ensure all your system information is current.


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