Chubb Fire & Security – Two Centuries of Protecting the World

Jul 29 2021 8:30 AM

Chubb has been protecting people and assets worldwide for 200 years. A global fire safety and security solutions provider, we work to make the world a safer place by providing end-to-end service to ensure our customer's peace of mind. Chubb offers high quality service, and innovative, technology-enabled solutions for business and home - from design and installation to service and monitoring.

A new lock provides better security

In 1818, two enterprising brothers, Charles and Jeremiah Chubb, invented the first and original secure lock mechanism.  Called the “detector lock,” Chubb’s invention immobilised the lock when it was picked, providing an effective solution to combat rising crime during the industrial revolution. This was the start of a brand built on innovation, safety, security and customer peace of mind that still exists to this day.

As further improvements were made, Chubb’s lock and safe business expanded and the Chubb brand and reputation grew internationally.

Chubb has been operating in New Zealand since 1958 and today has 8 branches servicing all parts of both islands.

Fire protection comes to the fore

While the Chubb brothers focused on security, other inventors launched firefighting and protection businesses that would eventually come under the Chubb umbrella. Among them were Read & Campbell, inventor of the cartridge-operated extinguisher; Minimax, the company that launched the famous conical extinguisher; the Pyrene Company, who sold pump extinguishers; Rampart Engineering, who marketed fire extinguishers to the trade; and Walter Kidde, who established a business based on fire detection and extinguishing systems.

In 1964, Chubb took its first foray into the fire protection market with the acquisition of Read & Campbell. By 1971, the Rampart, Pyrene and Minimax brands had been brought into the fold. Kidde would come later, in 2005.

Electronic security emerges

Back on the security front, Chubb’s acquisition of Burgot Alarms in 1962 moved the company into electronic security for the first time, resulting in the launch of Chubb Alarms. In 1993, the Chubb alarm monitoring and response service was formed as Chubb and Wormald’s control rooms joined together.

Over the next 30 years, Chubb continued to grow by a number of acquisitions and mergers, including MSS Alarms, James Hardie and FFE (Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd.). In 2000, the lock and safe business was sold, except in New Zealand and some parts of Asia where they remain a part of Chubb's offering to this day.

In 2003, United Technologies (UTC) acquired Chubb and in 2005, UTC acquired Kidde, creating one of the leaders in the fire and security industry.        

Today, as part of UTC Climate, Controls and Security (a unit of United Technologies), Chubb remains dedicated to providing fire detection, suppression technologies and advanced security solutions to protect customers in an ever-changing world. 

Chubb are leaders in commercial and home security systems and home security monitoring.  We understand how important it is to provide the best protection for your home, family or business. A Chubb monitored security system can give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe and secure that you are protecting what is important to you.

At Chubb Security, we provide a range of alarm systems to accommodate your needs and budget.

Whether you're looking for a home burglar alarm, a security system, or a full perimeter security system for your home or business, our range of Chubb security systems will have your needs covered.