Rekeying Your Lock vs Replacing the Lock

Aug 26 2021 9:45 AM

Have you ever moved to a new home and wonder how many people still have a key to your new home? Have you lost an important key and don't want to risk someone finding and using it?

We often hear people say they need to "change the locks." But that isn't necessarily the only or best solution. 

When to change your locks

You should change your lock if it is getting old and unreliable, or if it isn't working very well, and your locksmith has not been able to repair it.

You may also want to change the lock if you need to upgrade to a more secure lock, or want to improve the image of your home by using a matched set throughout. In these cases, changing the lock is your best option.

However, completely changing the lock can be costly. You wil lneed to purchase new locks, and have a locksmith remove and replace your existing lock. This may include changing deadbolts as well.

If your primary need is the peace of mind from knowing only authorised people have the right key, it may be better and cheaper to rekey your lock.

What is rekeying a Lock?

If you want to rekey your lock, your locksmith will open the lock and replace the existing pins and springs inside it with new ones that are different lengths, to match the new keys she will give you.

This means that all previous keys will no longer be able to lock or unlock your door. 

Another good reason to rekey your locks is to match multiple locks in your home to the same key.

Chubb Solutions

Chubb offers a wide range of lock solutions to suit your requirements based on the type of property and the level of security needed.

As all property types are different, we can advise you on the various options available to you.

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Alarm Monitoring

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